William E. Tate, a Tennesseean, built the house in 1897. The initial plans called for an eleven room, single story house for approximately $4,500. But somewhere along the line that changed to a two story, 15 room, 5,500+square foot Queen Anne style Victorian mansion with a large ballroom on the second floor. Mr. Tate was a hardware merchant whose store, built in 1895, still remains in service today. The mansion sits on a hilltop and Mr. Tate owned 70 to 80 acres of the surrounding land, which was used for grazing and farming, even though it is approximately eight blocks from the courthouse.St. Botolph Inn Bed and Breakfast, the home of Dan and Shay Buttolph, was opened to guests on the first of April, 1993, using four of the original eight bedrooms for the Inn. The home is a large, beautifully restored Queen Anne style mansion. It retains most of the outstanding characteristics of its day, including:
  • the wrap around gingerbread front porch
  • a two story tower
  • an upstairs Victorian ballroom with a domed ceiling
  • tudor style wainscoting
  • elaborate interior woodwork
  • ornate doorway fretwork and transoms
  • five carved fireplace mantels
  • ten foot tall sliding pocket doors
  • and an antique gas light fixture in the formal dining room

The mansion has recently been repainted as a "Victorian Painted Lady" in twelve historic colors. Today, the house sits on five pastoral acres on a terraced hilltop with the oldest swimming pool in Weatherford and an unique windmill well house.

The Tates lived in the house for nineteen years before selling it. There has been a succession of owners over the decades before the Buttolphs purchased it in 1992.

The family name, Buttolph, is derived from the seventh century English Monk, St. Botolph. The Buttolph (Botolph) family sailed for the new world in 1635 aboard the English merchant ship Abigail.

St. Botolph (610 - 682 A.D.) was an eminent missionary and pioneer in England of the Benedictine order of monks. He founded a monastery in Suffolk, England where his journeys and his fame spread so far that at least seventy churches were dedicated in his memory, many in foreign countries. Among them was a church near the last bridge of the River Witham, where a port town grew up called Botolph's-town. Over the centuries, that name was contracted to Bostowne and finally Boston.

Pilgrims came from Boston, England and established a small village in the Massachusetts Bay colony and called it after their old town in England which today is Boston, Massachusetts. St. Botolph's missionary reach even spanned the Atlantic and is alive and well at St. Botolph's Inn.


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